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Advance your career with the guidance of our therapist-owned company. Our staff have been in your position as healthcare professionals and can anticipate your questions and concerns starting from the very first conversation.
We deliver what we promise.

TheraEx Staffing is a medical staffing agency for qualified, professional nurses and therapists.

Beverly, ICU RN

Congratulations Beverly on hitting 
the TheraEx Loyalty Program!!

Why does Beverly love being a Travel Nurse?

"I love the freedom. Now I can afford to go on vacation several times a year unlike before when I was working full time in one hospital. Becoming a travel nurse is one of the best decisions I ever made"

Casondra, Med/Tele RN

Congratulations Casondra on hitting 
the TheraEx Loyalty Program!!

Why does Casondra love being a Travel Nurse?

"I love travel nursing because all of the different people you get to meet! 
Plus there are perks with traveling, this company offers an all-inclusive trip for 2 when you complete 5 contracts with them, it's pretty awesome!”

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We Help Travel Nurses, Allied Professionals & Therapists Find Exciting & Lucrative Jobs Nationwide.

"Best company ever, hands down! This is my first time working with TheraEx and I have not had a bad day yet! My recruiter made me feel very safe and comfortable. They push hard to get you placed and very friendly atmosphere. I so love this company! They ROCK!!"

Jackie Douglas, C.N.A.

"I’ve been with TheraEx staffing going on 2 years. I can honestly say TheraEx is the best agency I’ve been with!! The staff is amazing along with my recruiter!!! Susan is the best hands down!! Very understanding, consistent, professional, good with time management and have a great sense of humor and she makes me feel comfortable no matter the situation. I love everything about Susan!! 
She the Bomb - PERIOD!!!"

Lakiesha Cole, C.N.A.

Brendan Kaer, Transporter

"Hands down, best staffing I have been working for!! My agent, Susan, has been nothing short of amazing! She always checks in on me making sure everything is ok at the facility I am contracted with and handles any situation with the up most professionalism! Best recruiter to ask for!! Thank you Susan!!!!"

"I've been working with TheraEx Staffing Service for the better part of two years, matter of fact, Thera Ex was the first Staffing Service I've worked with. Sue I must say is a credit to the service. She has continued to open doors for me, I've learned a little bit more even after working with the VA Medical Center for more than twenty plus years, in this field even to be as old as I am you still continue to learn, TheraEx has helped me accomplish more even after my retiring, they continue to keep me working they continue to keep me happy and I'm loving life even more. Thank you TheraEx for helping me to continue to move forward. And Sue is one Dynamite recruiter, thank you very much for being in my corner."

Derrick Spencer, C.N.A.

Ace Sese, COTA

I've been working with TheraEx Staffing Services for four years as a COTA.  Rey has kept me busy all this time and has provided me the flexibility that I needed so I can pursue other avenues that is in my interest. And for that, I'm truly grateful.

Tara Owens, RN

"Susan Terry has been my recruiter since I moved out here to California. She has stayed vigilant about keeping me updated on available contracts and getting me offers!! She’s so prompt and efficient!! TheraEx is an awesome company!!"

Sheila Rivera, PT 

I have been an employee for this company for many years and have not encountered any issues  (work requirements, pay stubs, etc.) that were not addressed in a timely manner.  They have provided me with great work opportunities and referrals in order for me to have better work options.

Equjunia Cole, MA

"Words can not explain how I feel about this staffing company. Can you say family not employee or contract worker to them? I say family because this staffing agency really gives you that personal one on one personal family touch if you will feeling. So let’s break it down about my Guardians. 

1st at my AWESOME guardian Brannon Harris yes not recruiter but guardian because the guardians actually fight for you to get a contract to work and also to make sure that wages are reasonable and the commute is within a reasonable distance. Now how many of those other recruiters actually care or just care about the requisitions being filled? 

2nd these Guardians of mind are always available for me to call or leave a message for whatever issue arises with the assignment rather being late, not wanting to return or anything. 

3rd I have NEVER NEVER felt like I call my guardians to much when following up on jobs. ( Now we all know how many times we call once they give us an assignment and we are just waiting in a start date? We call daily 2 or 3 times hoping a start date email will get to them after you just got off the phone.) That is I, I am her! I have called daily sometimes a few and let’s not forget the texts to check-in as well. Brannon you are AWESOME at being a guardian. 

So now this is a team effort let me introduce you to the Guardian Vanessa Cueva. Vanessa you ROCK! Ok now, this guardian job is to make sure you clear all requirements to start that awesome job Brannon just found for you. Vanessa will walk you hand and hand through the onboarding process. She will call and email or even text on her off days just to remind you that your expiration for compliance is coming and if you don’t have everything ready you think she gonna pass you on up? NOPE think again Vanessa is magical with extensions and accommodations rather you or changing testing locations down to you just forgot to go. Communication is key with Vanessa, as long as you communicate that Guardian will make sure you get the time needed to complete and get you compliance ready! 
Thank you my two Guardians Brannon Harris and Vanessa Cueva for being the BEST GUARDIANS staffing has to offer!!!  #TeamTheraEx "

"I have had nothing but a great experience working with TheraEx staffing. The recruiter I have been working with is Cecilia, she's super helpful and awesome. The communication is great, I always receive a quick response, and if ever Cecilia was out of office, someone else was there to answer my questions. They help you with everything you need in order to get started working with some amazing opportunities in the top hospitals. I recommend you give them a try, they are better than many other staffing agencies. And I have the potential of being hired on permanently, I would have never had this opportunity if it weren't for them!"

Deanna Goodwin, LVN

Jackey Jallorina, LVN

"ThereEx is a great company to work for. This would be my second year working for them. My recruiter, Brennan, has been nothing but amazing.
Very quick with responses when I reach out. They are very efficient and prompt. If there is an issuer on payroll they are able to sort things out fairly quickly. They are always looking out for assignments and want nothing but the best for us. Highly recommend."



Why TheraEx 

•  Above Median Market Pay
•  Great Locations Throughout the United States 
•  Available 24 hours, 7 days a week for support
•  Custom Tailored Compensation Packages
•  Help Streamlining the Credential Process
•  One-on-One Support from Top Recruiters
•  Bonuses, Incentives & Loyalty Program 

We Deliver What We Promise

TheraEx Staffing is a therapist-owned medical staffing agency for qualified, professional nurses & therapists who want to find their dream job. We help you advance your career by offering highly competitive compensation, individualized rate packages & exceptional relationships with our top recruiters. 

 We’re here to help. 

Top Benefits for Our Nurses and Therapists

•  Medical, Dental & Vision
•  401K Program
•  Paid Holidays & Sick Days
•  Paid Sick Days
•  Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

TheraEx Nurses and Therapists Enjoy

•  FREE Trip to Mexico after 5 contracts!
•  Great locations
•  Freedom in the workplace
•  Per Diem Payment Options
•  Flexible Hours & Scheduling